Thursday, July 31, 2008

visiting libraries in Paris and Basel

With 25 kilograms of books and travelling by car, train, bus, plane, underground (16 times!!) and TGV we planned in 3 days to visit 3 institutions in Paris and Basel with which we took appointments before leaving.
We visited the Librairie Kandinski in the Centre Pompidou which specialises in artists' books only and the Cabinet des Estampes from the Bibilotheque Nationale de France.
In the Basel University we visited the "Oeffentliche Bibliothek" which had been recommended to us by an important collector in Basel.
There was no much time left for galavanting, but still Ham managed to acquire a beautifull swiss "Freitag" bag.
What we learned about this experience.. never again with 25 kilograms!!