Monday, August 25, 2008


During the summer months we opened a shop in our living room. We exhibited our artist's books, screen prints and photographs. For a few weeks in the year Achill tourists come visit this remote island. Antic-ham left last week for Seoul and I'm leaving to join her at the end of the week. Early September we will have an exhibition in Seoul and then we will spend a few days in Tokyo.. so, look for next coming posts from the Far East.
Sheep! please come visit the garden regularly.. then I don't have to cut the grass at my return.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

from truck to book cover

We have bought from Jacob Trucks from Foxford the tarpaulin from the truck used by Sweeney's from Achill Sound. We use this tarpaulin as book cover for our new project of screen prints about the sixties. After washing and cutting into the right size we screenprinted the cover with special inks for PVC. Book binding is done with 3 screws.
If someone wished more information please write to in Ireland or in South Korea.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

new project / busy summer in Achill

"1969" is the title of this new project.. A big size screenprinted book 42x45 cm.
The theme is the sixties.. how these years changed a whole generation in their way of life and thinking, and led to new movements and expressions in the arts.
The book is printed on paper bags and other materials such as film and plastic. The cover is in tarpaulin.
Other techniques such as stencil, frottage, collage and solvent transfer have been added to the screenprints.
The prints will be showed in our exhibition in Seoul in september, and the book will be launch ed at the Frankfurter book fair in october.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fish Box Edition finally finished

the last two contributions to the FISH BOX have been printed .. our own fish .. from Antic-Ham and from Frantic. The total number of prints are now 26.
Soon the boxes will be delivered to the participants and to the various collectors who ordered this edition.
For more information see our website