Monday, May 31, 2010

"Franticham's Assembling Box" out now!

with contributions from:

Reed Altemus, USA - Antic-Ham, South Korea - Vittore Baroni, Italy - John M. Bennett, USA - David Dellafiora, Australia - Mike Dickau, USA - Klaus Groh, Germany - John Held Jr, USA - Eberhard Janke, Germany - Ruud Janssen, Netherlands - Dobrica Kamperelic, Serbia - Ginny Lloyd, USA - Sheila Murphy, USA - Uwe Petruch, Germany - Arne Rautenberg, Germany - Fritz Sauter, Switzerland - Gianni Simone, Japan - Litsa Spathi, Germany - Pete Spence, Australia - Christine Tarantino, USA - La Toan Vinh, Canada - Francis Van Maele, Ireland - Bill Wilson, USA

Arne Rautenberg

a new book of visual poetry in the collection "C'est mon dada"

Arne Rautenberg (born 1967, Germany) studied Art History and Literature and lives in Kiel, where he works as an author and artist. In his works, which are full of humour, he experiments with rhythms and styles, intonations and levels of language in poetic play with the forms of perception.

Rautenberg published his first collection of poetry, "Neondaemmerlicht" (Neon Twilight) in 1996. His literary oeuvre covers not only poetry but also experimental texts and his novel "Der Sperrmuellkoenig" (The Trash King) (2002).
Since 2006 he has also been teaching at the Muthesius School of Art in Kiel and he is a freelance critic and feature writer. Rautenberg's many awards include the Poetry Prize of the Graz Academy (2001) and the Random House Prize for Satirical Literature (2002). The latest collections of poetry are: "gebrochene naturen" (Broken Nature, 2009) and "der wind laesst tausend huetchen fliegen" (The Wind Makes Fly a Thousand Hats, 2010) - a collection of poetry for children.

Friday, May 28, 2010

franticham's Lecture at the Seoul Institute of Picture book

students examinating our books after the lecture.

with Cho, Sunkyung, owner and director of the institute.

with a part of the student audience.

We gave a lecture (Antic-Ham did most of the talking) to over 50 students from the Picture Book Institute about artists books and self publishing.
Planned for 2 hours, the lecture lasted 3 and a half hours. Antic-Ham could fascinate the students.
The institute acquired a few of our books for their library.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

franticham in Urawa Museum in Tokyo

We visited Urawa Museum which has a nice collection of artists' books.
The section of Fluxus, Visual poetry and mail art is particularly impressive..
After an important meeting with curators to whom we showed our books we looked at the exhibition of art made with cray-pas (crayon + oil pastel).. 
We had a good time doing ...