Sunday, September 21, 2008

Frottages (rubbings) in Tokyo

Antic-ham making frottages at the entrance of the Printing Museum in Suido, Tokyo.
The security man watched closely what we were doing with amusement.

A frottage made by Francis with wax blocks

Saturday, September 20, 2008

franticham in Tokyo

We made a trip to Tokyo for 5 days.

Visiting the book shop 'on sundays' who is selling our "c'est mon dada" books.

With Eguchi of 'Utrecht', a wonderful bookshop and a publisher in Nakameguro.

One evening with Keiichi Nakamura and Gianni Simone who are mail artists living in Tokyo.

And meeting Minako Teramoto, the curator of the Printing Museum in Tokyo.

The museum bought 2 books from us, 'travelling fish' and 'fish box'

We had a great time.. we will come back to Tokyo soon..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

our exhibition in Seoul

Antic-Ham and Francis, together with the 6 other members of Seoul based artists' group SUJAK
had an exhibition in Gana Art Space in busy Insadong. The concept of the exhibition was to create an atmosphere like in your ownn living or reading room... this explains the truck loaded with tables, chairs and carperts and shelves leaving Ham's appartment.
The exhibition was very well visited.. even too much on week end where at any moment constantly over 30 people in the gallery.
Visit from Karen and Kevin from USA presently living in Seoul... and with Opa, Egg and Hoho-girl from Sujak.