Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fluxus assembling box

2 new contribution from Ruud Jannsen and Christine Tarantino for our Fluxus assembling box.
Box 1 is now complete with 23 works from invited artists - see for list of all participants.

Friday, February 19, 2010

contribution for '22' from Susanna Lakner

Antic-Ham's contribution to the assembling zine "22" from Susanne Lakner from Stuttgart

contribution to Susanna Lakner's "22"

Francis' contribution to the assembling zine "22" from Susanna Lakner from Stuttgart.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

New assembling box

"Franticham's Fluxus Island Assembling Box" is the name of this new ongoing project.
Contributions from C. Mehrl Bennett, Miguel Jimenez and Luc Fierens.
Nr 1 is due at the end of the month and will contain 23 prints, multiples and objects from invited artists in an signed edition of 40 copies.
See for more information

Friday, February 12, 2010

mail art from Antic-Ham for Francis

It was raining all day.. I sent a letter to you

mail art from francis for antic-ham

mail art for Antic-Ham's project "tell me your secret"

Thursday, February 4, 2010

a "heat" portait

a heat sensitive portrait of Franticham in Seoul.

Nam June Paik's Fractal Turtle Ship in Seoul

An installation using 348 objects including television monitors, phonographs, radios, polaroid cameras, electric toasters, fish, stuffed turtles as well as broken automobile and piano parts.
Nam June Paik did this work as homage to the Korean admiral Yi Sun-Sin who used a ship in the form of a turtle in successful combats against the Japanese naval forces in the 15th century.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ordering boxes in Bangsan Sijang Market, Seoul

Bangsan Sijang and Chungmuro are 2 amazing places in Seoul .. a heaven for book makers.
Streets full of paper and card board suppliers, small printers, manufacturers of boxes, and sellers of stationery items of all kinds, from tapes to rubberbands.
Everything you look for you will find here.

In this shop we ordered 500 boxes for our new " Fluxus assembling box" project.
The small shop on the left is where we always order craft paper and card board for book binding.

Today the boxes were delivered by motorcycle at home. we packed them to be sent to Ireland, a few boxes by air mail and the rest by boat.

Franticham in a Keith Smith book.. in Seoul

It was a big surprise to find our picture in the Whanki Museum in Seoul. Korean book artist Narae Kim exhibited there her vast collection of artists' books. Among them this book made by american artist and friend Keith Smith. We were honored also to see many books from Redfoxpress which Narae Kim has acquired on a regular basis since 2000.