Saturday, October 10, 2009

Franticham in New York

New York Art Book Fair in PS1/MoMA in Long Island

Visit at our stand from Richard Kostelanetz from NY
and luxembourger poet Pierre Joris living in NY

Visit of Ken Friedman's Exhibition "99 events"

Ray Johnson's exhibition in the Feigen Gallery

and Allan Karpow's "Yard" exhibtion

In Bill Wilson's house looking at his vast Ray Johnson's archives
and works by his mother May Wilson

Joel Cohen (Sticker Dude) singing a couple of songs for Bill

making a frottage for our next "New York" project


WEE-HOO said...

Wow... i did the Feigen gallery too and met Bill Wilson... and sticker dude sang too... That's cool. Thanks for sharing your photos!!

louise said...

I very much enjoy your work. It always looks like you are having so much fun.