Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fluxus assembling box Nr 1

the last contribution for BOX NR 1 .. a woodcut from Jean Delvaux

Now the assembling box nr 1 is complete with works from 23 invited artists:

Antic-Ham, South Korea - Vittore Baroni, Italy - John M. Bennett, USA - C. Mehrl Bennett, USA - Julien Blaine, France - Brandstifter, Germany - Bruno Chiarlone, Italy - Jean Delvaux, Luxembourg - Klaus Peter Dencker, Germany - Luc Fierens, Belgium - Klaus Groh, Germany - Ruud Janssen, Netherlands - Miguel Jimenez, Spain - Michael Leigh, UK - Hugo Pontes, Brazil - Litsa Spathi, Germany - Fritz Sauter, Switzerland - Christine Tarantino, USA - Thierry Tillier, Belgium - Richard Tipping, Australia - Francis Van Maele, Ireland - Nico Vassilakis, USA - Reid Wood, USA

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wastedpapiers said...

My beautiful box of goodies ariived today. Thanks so much for putting this all together!