Saturday, February 19, 2011

Visual poetry by Anna Boschi, Italy

Nr 54 in our collection "C'est Mon Dada"

ANNA BOSCHI was born in Bologna and lives and works
in Castel S.Pietro Terme, Italy.
She began her painting research at the end of Sixties,
privileging experimenting with various materials.
Since 1982 she devotes herself exclusively to the artistic
activity, organising about sixty personal exhibitions and
numerous group shows in Italy and abroad.
Artist-Books and Visual Poetry are important in her work
and she participated in this field to international
She collaborates also with "Visual Poetry" magazines.
Since 1984 she is active in the international Mail Art
network, organizing and participating to many shows
in Italy and abroad, giving birth to the interesting
Mailartmeeting Archives (

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louise said...

Very interesting work.