Thursday, June 16, 2011

Buying paper in Seoul's Bangsan Shijang

On a few square miles you find all businesses related to paper, printing, packaging and stationary.. definitely our favourite place in Seoul.

We have spotted a seller of used paper bags of cattle feed. We bought 75 kilos of bags, which we will use for a future screen printing project. The bags costed us 35 euros.
In a neighbouring street we found someone who cut the bags to the desired size and pack into 3 cartons for 6 euros.

A delivery man brought our 3 parcels to the post office for 3 euros and it costed us 120 euros to ship the 3 boxes by boat to Ireland, which will take 2 months.

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Planet Susannia said...

Amazing! You are sooo amazing!
Have a nice and creative time in Seoul!